Narrow Band (NB) -IoT Modem Chip Vendors

There are a number of  wireless technologies available for the Internet of things. These are mainly divided into two categories: Short Range (Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth, Z wave) Long Range (LoRa,SigFox, […]

Spectral Efficiency : 5G-NR and 4G-LTE

What do you think of when you hear word “spectral efficiency?” The answer will come, it has to do with the amount of information that fits in a given channel […]

NR-Primary Synchronization Signal (PSS)

5G-NR Primary Synchronization Signal (PSS) is Physical Layer specific signal and help UE to get Radio Frame Boundary. It is type of an m-Sequence which is a special type of […]

More on Facebook Workplace with Vinamra Kumar

Recently,there was an event in Mumbai on Facebook’s new platform “Workplace” , we couldn’t personally be present but we managed to catch hold of  Vinamra Kumar, working with Searce, the premium […]