How to choose an Antenna for your application ?

Choosing an antenna can be a difficult task, there are several parameters that need to be taken into consideration. Although It is important to examine several physical, electrical, and economical […]

What is VBW, how it is different from RBW ?

VBW stands for Video Bandwidth; helps improve resolution of very weak signals in the presence of the noise signal. It is post detection filter bandwidth which just smooths out signal of interest. […]

What are E-UTRA Test Models (E-TM) in LTE ?

The E-UTRA test models (E-TM) are set of signals defined by 3GPP for the radio frequecy standard testing of LTE device (it may be eNodeB or UE) transmitter chain. The […]

What is SAW Filter ?

A Surface Acoustic Wave filter, or SAW filter is a filter whereby the electrical input signal is converted to a acoustic wave by so-called interdigital transducers (IDTs) on a piezoelectric […]