5G Key Performance Indicator Definitions Template by 3GPP

3GPP specification TS 28.554 has given a template for end to end KPIs of 5G System. This template is valid for for both NR-Radio Access Network and Core  Network. Below is the detailed information. It is some mandatory field and some optional.

  • Long name (Mandatory): This field shall contain the long and descriptive name of the KPI.
  • Description (Mandatory): This field shall contain the description of the KPI. Within this field it should be given if the KPI is focusing on network or user view.
  • Logical formula definition (Mandatory): The logical formula should describe what the KPI formula is in logical way. The description of the formula is given in a written textual format without any measurement or counter names. E.g. a success rate KPI’s logical formula is the successful event divided by all event.
  • Physical formula definition (Optional): This field should contain the KPI formula description using the 3GPP defined counter names. This field can be used only if the counters needed for the KPI formula is defined in any of the 3GPP TS for performance measurements (TS 28.552 [1], TS 28.553 [2]).
  • Measurement names used for the KPI (Optional): This clause should list the measurement names used for the KPI. This clause can be filled out only when the underlying measurements for the KPI formula can be defined, i.e. physical formula definition is available.
  • KPI Object (Mandatory): This clause shall describe the object of the KPI. The object of the KPI is one or some of the following:
    • NR and NG-RAN;
    • 5GC
    • 5GS
  • KPI category (Mandatory): This clause contains the classification of the KPI into one of the KPI categories .
  • Unit of the KPI (Mandatory): This clause describes the unit of the KPI. The unit can be one of the following:
    • Percentage;
    • Time interval (second or millisecond or microsecond);
    • Erlang;
    • kbit/s.
  • Type of the KPI (Mandatory): This clause describes the type of the KPI. The KPI type can be one of the following:
    • MEAN: This KPI is produced to reflect a mean measurement value based on a number of sample results.
    • RATIO: KPI is produced to reflect the percentage of a specific case occurrence to all the cases.
    • CUM: This KPI is produced to reflect a cumulative measurement which is always increasing.
  • Remark: (Optional): This field is for any further information that is needed for the KPI definition. Here it is proposed to define any additional information that would be needed for the KPI definition; e.g. the definition of a call in UTRAN.

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