Next GEN Network Management Platform: “UN-LEARN RF Optimization”

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In my last blog , we wrote about “Why SON never picked up and would Die Soon”. We also mentioned few features about the platform of the future. In this and coming blog, we will introduce  features of “Beyond Next-GEN Network Management platform”. First in the series is on RF optimization module of the Platform. To understand the value lets see how it is done today and how the platform completely re-imagine and re-write the definition of RF optimization.

Typical Day in RF optimization Engineer’s Shoes:

RF engineer has to collect data, ingest/import data from multiple sources, validate the data, do analysis on the data, come up with recommendations, implement the changes and perform pre-post (only on the basis of Performance counters) only to realize it might need another iteration of the complete flow.

No!! This painful experience doesn’t end here, tracking multiple such optimizations, multiple data sources and field engineers is on the list too.

Network Optimization as simple as “ONE CLICK”

Sneak peak of the Beyond Next GEN Network management Platform:

For all the activities mentioned above to optimize, Simply Click ” Optimize”, platform will do the rest. This off-course is not based on PM counters alone, it is based on cross domain, co-relation and our secret sauce.

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