10 Platforms which would become obsolete in yr 2018!!!

If you are from network (Cellular or non-cellular) background, then this blog is for you. If you are from the team who Design, Plan, optimize or monitor networks, then probably you just need to see the pictures and you would understand everything on the blog without even reading.

Regular Day in Network Engineer’s Life: Till 2017

Not going into specific details of each module but an average Network planning and Optimization team (be it be core, transport or radio) have to deal with all of these components,

  • Design a network
  • Configure a network
  • Monitor a network ( CM, PM, FM)
  • Optimize a network
  • Expand the network
  • Of course, Customer Experience Management

Think now:  how many tools/platforms you require for all of these exercises?  Now add numbers for each technology, Add the number of vendors over it and then add the number of network elements over it. For simplicity lets not add cost factor to the discussion.

Ask yourself:

  1. Do we really need all these platforms?
  2. Do we need to still buy licensed, vendor and technology dependent platforms?
  3. Do we still need to do certifications to be able to use the platforms?
  4. Do we still need to spend the majority of our time to collect, paste and process the data?
  5. Do you still use reactive, isolated approach to network and customer care?
  6. Ask, when the world is moving towards open source, Analytics based, AI/ML-based platforms aren’t you falling behind?
  7. Do you want to purchase a new platform for each new technology?
  8. Do you still want your 2018 to be as 2017?

There are so many things which need to evolve and transform apart from Network. 

Why 2018 will/can be different

Embrace yourself with Foresight

I let pictures do the talking and would prefer not to write anything on some of many capabilities of the tool.

There are many more features and functionalities which comes integrated with the platform, reach out to schedule a demo or know more.

Rahul Atri, Product Manager, Foresight