Beacons Hardware Vendors

Beacon Hardware Key Players Continuing our Beacon study, here we are with the second article on Beacons. In this we primarily discuss various key players for Beacon Hardware. There are […]

Beacon Technology- iBeacons Vs Eddystone

Available Beacon : iBeacons Vs Eddystone Apple’s iBeacons iBeacon is a brand name created by Apple inc. , that was first presented at the World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) 2014 […]

Fog Computing and Internet of Things

The internet of things is expanding and creating opportunities in many different areas and will shape new business models that meet customers’ needs.Opportunities, productivity and growth all rely on data. Sensor […]

Smart Cities & Solutions

Clear definition of Smart cities is still ambiguous. Similar to Internet of things everyone is trying to cash in with their solutions. The whole idea of Smart city is not […]

IOT_Delhi (Internet of things) : Introduction

Internet of things has been here for years, but now with Smart cities deployments IOT is being seen as next line of business opportunity for many organisation. Many organisations including giants […]

Bluetooth 5 and its uses in IoT explained

Bluetooth 5 is the latest iteration of the ubiquitous wireless standard. Bluetooth SIG – the body that drives its specification – gave Bluetooth 5 the green light back in December 2016 and hinted […]

LoRa Technology, It’s Features and Application

LoRa is Long Range ,low data rate, low power wireless platform technology for building IoT network. LoRa technology is owned by a chip company – Semtech, who acquired it from another […]