5G Technology Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

3GPP is still in process of finishing out 5G/NR Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs  are driven from ITM-2020 and  some of these are listed below. These KPIs  mainly consider three broad categories:

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB)
  • Mission Critical Control (MCC)
  • Massive Internet of Things (Massive IoT)
Parameter Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Category
Peak Data Rate DL- 20 Gbps UL -10 Gbps eMBB
Spectral Efficiency DL- 30 bits/Hz UL- 15bits/Hz eMBB
Latency C-Plane -10 ms , U-Plane 0.5ms MCC
User Expe. Data Rate DL-100 Mbps , UL -50 Mbps eMBB
Area Traffic Capacity 10 Mbits/s/m2 Massive IoT
Connection Density 1 million Devices/Km2 Massive IoT
Energy Efficiency 90% Reduction in Energy usage Massive IoT
Reliability 1 packet loss out of 100 million packets MCC
Mobility 500Km/h eMBB
Mobility Interruption Time  0 ms MCC
System Bandwidth support  upto 1GHz eMBB
Coverage  mMTC- 164 dB Massive IoT
UE Battery Life  mMTC – 15 years Massive IoT

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