5G N26 Interface – 5G to 4G Interworking

Introduction N26 interface is an interface which interconnects the 5G Core network function AMF with 4G network node MME and enables interworking between 5G to 4G and visa versa. N26 […]

5G PDU Session and Its Types

Introduction In 5G System, the one of the key task for the networ is to provide the connectivity to UE towards  a Data Network (DN) know as 5G DNN which […]

5G SA Inter gNB Handover – N2 or NGAP Handover

Introduction Mobility (Handover) in an important feature in any telecom generation and so it is in 5G. The basic handover procedure remains same as it was in legacy networks, i.e. UE reports measurement report with […]

5G FAPI – Femtocell Application Programming Interface

Introduction FAPI is an interface, which originally meant Femtocell Application Programming Interface defines the interface between MAC-Layer#2 and PHY – Layer#1 for small cells. FAPI is specified by the Small […]

5G Carrier Aggregation – Bandwidth Classes

Carrier Aggregation (CA) increases the bandwidth by combining several carriers. Each aggregated carrier is referred to as a Component Carrier (CC). 5G NR CA supports up to 16 contiguous and […]

5G NR Layer 3- RRC Interview Question

In this post we will list the Interview Question for 5G NR on Layer 3 which includes RRC, NGAP, XnAP etc. 5G Cell Search – Synchronization Raster and Channel Raster? […]