5G NR RSRQ Measurements and Its Mapping

The RSRQ (Referece Signal RecivedQuality) is a measurement performed by the UE to know the Quality of recieved Reference Signals. In 5G NR, RSRQ can be measurement for SS-Reference Siganls […]

5G NR Measurements: RSRP, RSSI, RSRQ and SINR

In LTE, the UE measurements are done for RSRP, RSRQ and SNR associated with CRS (Cell Specific Reference Signal) .  5G NR uses  SS (Synchronization Signal) and CSI (Channel State […]

RSRQ (Reference Signal Received Quality)

RSRQ is th Reference Signal Received Quality and it can be defined using following. RSRQ= (N* RSRP)/RSSI As per the definition of RSSI, It is wide band power including signal […]

RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator)

RSSI represents the total received wide-band power measured over entire bandwidth by UE. RSSI is not reported to eNodeB. It is computed to be used for the calculation of RSRQ in […]

RSRP (Reference Signal Received Power)

Reference Signal Received Power RSRP is the linear average of reference signal power (in Watts) measured over a specified bandwidth (in number of REs). This is the most important measurement […]