50 + Top RF Planning and Optimization Interview Question

RF planning is a process of identifying locations where base station can provide the best signal coverage to the users. It included deciding the tower height, sector position and cell level parameters like PCI, min Rx level etc. evaluate coverage and capacity.

Based on our past experience we have put the Top 50 interview questions asked to RF planning and Optimization Engineer during a Job interview.

RF Panning and optimization Interview Question in most interview

Question#1 Name different RF Planning Tool Available in Market?
Question#2 what a PCI is and How many PCI available in 5G?
Question#3 what are PCI Planning Rule?
Question#4 what is meaning of Mod3? Which PCI Combination satisfy Mod3 relation

  1. PCI 3 and PCI 30
  2. PCI 3 and PCI 11
  3. PCI 3 and PCI 12

Question#5 what is PCI collision and PCI confusion?
Question#6 which KPI will degrade if there is PCI confusion?
Question#7 which KPI will be impacted if there is PCI collision?
Question#8 which option you will use for Automatic PCI planning with Atoll Tool?
Question#9 what is PLMN ID and NCGI or ECGI?
Question#10 what information available in Neighbor Relation Table (NRT)?
Question#11 what is impact if a neighbor is not configured in NRT, which KPI will get impacted
Question#12 what is a KPI and what attribute it have?
Question#13 what is meaning of availably KPI, what can impact it, how you can improve it?
Question#14 what is meaning of mobility KPI, what can impact it, how you can improve it?
Question#15 what is VSWR? What actions you will take if the is a VSWR alarms on a site?
Question#16 Explain 4G Call Flow?
Question#17 Explain 5G Call Flow?
Question#18 what is MIB and SIB?
Question#19 which RRC message provides PLMN and Cell ID?
Question#20 what are different step followed for RF planning
Question#21 what is a site survey, what information you will capture?
Question#22 what is nominal cell planning?
Question#23 what is RF propagation model?
Question#24 what is SPM model?
Question#25 what is meaning of model tuning and what are different step done for model tuning?
Question#26 what is CW drive Test? What all equipment is used in a CW test and how you will do it?
Question#27 what is mechanical and electrical tilt, how it helps in RF network Optimization?
Question#28 what is link budget?
Question#29 Calculate the 40 watt power in dBm ?
Question#30 what is the unit of gain used for antenna?
Question#31 what is dBi and dBd what is the relation between them ?
Question#32 How you calculate Receiver Sensitivity?
Question#33 Bandwidth =20 MHz, SINR= -3 dB and Noise Figure = 6dB, calculated the receiver sensitivity?
Question#34 how you will calculated Path Loss?
Question#35 what is free space path loss formula?
Question#36 Calculate free space path loss Frequency=2130MHz and Distance between received and transmitter is 2 KM
Question#37 how you will calculate number of sites required for a City?
Question#38 what are different type of Clutter definition?
Question#39 which Clutter have maximum and which clutter have minimum RF loss?
Question#40 what is a Macro, Micro and small cell? How you will recognize and categories?
Question#41 what is Mapinfo Tool, what file you can import in it?
Question#42 what is layer in Mapinfo tool and how you will use it?
Question#43 how you will edit any vector file in Mapinfo tool?
Question#44 what is QXDM and QCAT tool?
Question#45 how you will connect QXDM tool with Mobile?
Question#46 which tool you can use to control Mobile remotely
Question#47 what is Mode LPM and Mode Online with QXDM tool
Question#48 what is XCAL and XCAP tool?
Question#49 how you will open call flow in XCAP tool?
Question#50 what all function you can do with XCAL log in XCAP tool?

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