Open Stack Undercloud and Overcloud

In Open Stack Teclo Cloud , an Undercloud is the deployment cloud that contain the necessary OpenStack components to deploy and manage an Overcloud also called workload cloud or deployed cloud. The overcloud is the deployed solution and can be used for production, staging, or testing, etc. In Redhat Openstack, the director node is referred as Undercloud and capable to deploy, update and monitor the Overcloud.

UnderCloud Deployment

UnderCloud & OverCloud Properties in Teclo Cloud

  • The Undercloud is the main director node as deployment and management cloud
  • Undercloud visibility is only limited to Cloud Operator whereas Overcloud visibility is available to tenants
  • Overcloud works as functional cloud available to run guest Virtual Machines (VMs) and Applications
  • Undercloud may be hosted on physical server and Overcloud may be hosted on distributed server on multiple physical servers
  • Director is a toolset for installing and managing a complete OpenStack environment
  • Undercloud is primarily based on the OpenStack TripleO Project, which means “OpenStack-On-OpenStack
  • TripleO Project takes advantage of OpenStack components to install a fully operational OpenStack environment.
  • Undercloud includes OpenStack components that are capable in provisioning and controlling bare metal systems to use as OpenStack nodes
  • Undercloud component Nova, Ironic, Neutron, Heat, Glance and Ceilometer to deploy OpenStack on baremetal hardware
  • Undercloud Nova and Ironic component are used to manage baremetal instances that comprise the infrastructure for the overcloud
  • Neutron in undercloud can be utilized to provide a networking environment in which to deploy the overcloud

Components of Undecloud and OverCloud 

Undercloud and overcloud deployment difference within telco cloud

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