NGMN Test Report for 5G Technology Building Blocks

NGMN approved Trial and Test Initiative (TTI) projects which consist of four activity streams, respectively called as  Tests of Technology Building Blocks (TTBB), Proof of Concept (PoC), Inter-Operability and Pre-commercial
Networks Trials.

The purpose of TTBB is to test the performance of individual technology building blocks (such as massive MIMO, beamforming for eMBB, waveforms, numerology, frame structure, channel coding, link adaptation for eMBB with the possibility of coexistence with URLLC and/or mMTC etc…) with proprietary equipment. These tests are expected to be performed in a lab environment as well as small-scale outdoor environments.

NGMN published a  technical report for TTBB that provides the full description for each  technology building block that has been identified as carrying highest priority by NGMN community and the corresponding test results.
TTBB team believes that this document will present a guideline to all NGMN members and other external SDOs by
enhancing the understanding of key technical features and their characteristics and eventually contribute to the
timely introduction of 5G service into the telecommunication industry.

Topics such as f-ofdm, 3D-Massive MIMO ( in China), mmWavelength ( ZTE, Samsung indoor/outdoor), SCMA, Polar codes, NOMA-MCS were discussed and test results were shared. Many important physical layer parameters such as Duplex, SINR, MCS, throughputs and flexible duplex were tested.

RAN architecture and  performance analysis of functional split between central and distributed unit  were also discussed.

  1. The virtualized infrastructure of the picture is an example; the final environment configuration selection is left to the vendors.
  2. Low BBU shall be provided by one vendor who can also provide RRH
  3. vBBU shall be provided by the same or by another vendor
  4. The radio configuration (freq. band, cell bandwidth, MIMO mode) shall be discussed with


New KPIs were also discussed such as eNB Performance ( eNB startup, OAM eNB restart,Low BBU restart, vBBU restart) , Low BBU deployment , Nominal KPIs, Multicell KPI, Latency.

Please find the attached report with detailed information.