AI Columbus Futures Review

AI Columbus Futures Review

The modern cryptocurrency market offers a variety of tools for automated trading, and one such innovative solution is the AI Columbus Futures from the CryptoRobotics platform. This tool uses advanced machine learning technologies to analyze the market and make trading decisions, making it attractive for many traders.

What is AI Columbus Futures?

AI Columbus Futures is an automated trading system that uses machine learning algorithms for effective analysis and trading in the cryptocurrency markets. It is capable of analyzing global and local levels of support and resistance, as well as determining market direction. The system is designed for trading both short and long positions, providing flexibility in various market conditions.

Advantages of Using

  • Automation: Reduces time and effort spent on manual market analysis.
  • Machine Learning: Continuous improvement of trading strategies based on learning and adapting to market conditions.
  • Flexible Strategies: Option to choose from conservative, moderate, and risky trading strategies.
  • Regular Updates: The system is updated and optimized for increased trading efficiency.

How to Set Up AI Columbus Futures?

To start using AI Columbus Futures, you need to register on this site and go to the “Algotrading” section.

In the settings section, you can select the desired trading strategy, set the trading balance and number of orders, as well as choose the maximum leverage, and set up notifications for new orders.

After saving the settings, you can start trading. The system provides access to the “My Deals” section, where you can track open and closed orders and view detailed statistics and trading history.

How to Track AI Columbus Futures Statistics

To track AI Columbus Futures statistics on the CryptoRobotics platform, you should follow several steps:

  • Navigating to the Autofollowing Section: After you have subscribed to the AI Columbus Futures channel, you need to go to the “Algotrading” section and select “Autofollowing” in the left menu.
  • Viewing Channel Statistics: In this section, you can see detailed statistics on the channel’s profitability, as well as a detailed order history. This includes data on profitable and unprofitable orders, average profit, average loss, and the balances of profit and loss.
  • Monitoring Deals: In the “My Trades” section, you can view all open and closed orders, including information about currency pairs, opening and closing prices, transaction times, and their current status. This allows you to track trading results in real-time.
  • Connection and Setup: Before you begin, make sure you have selected the right exchange account and set up your trading strategy. In the settings, you can choose the balance for trading, the number of orders, the size of the lot, and the maximum leverage.
  • Notifications for New Orders: You can also set up to receive email notifications about new orders, to stay informed about all changes in your portfolio.


AI Columbus Futures offers a unique combination of automated trading and the analytical power of machine learning, making it an excellent tool for traders of all levels. Despite its advanced capabilities, it is important to remember the risks associated with trading in financial markets and to approach the use of AI Columbus Futures with due caution and responsibility.