4G LTE Important QXDM Log Packets

RRC Signalling, Signaling, TDD LTE, Wireless Testing

QXDM is most widely used tool in wireless 4G,5G technology to capture Qualcomm based Mobile signalling and data details logs for debugging purpose. Whether it is Field testing or Lab testing, initial product development or carrier acceptance QXDM is most accepted tool.

In this post, we tried to put some of very import Logs packets information to help Wireless Test Engineers, how they can make best use of QXDM to debug any issue.

Initial Access Logs Packets

Initial Access logs are related to cell search procedure, it shows results related PSS, SSS and frequency scan to get Physical Cell ID (PCI).

System Information Block (SIB) Decode 

  • System Information Block #1

  • System Information Block 2

RACH Procedure (Random Access):

Signaling Radio Bearer Configurations (SRBs)



Radio Link Monitoring (RLM)

Scheduling Request (SR)

Control Information (CQI/RI/PMI/HARQ) for Uplink over PUCCH:

Buffer Status Report (BSR) and Power Head Room (PHR):

Measurements Serving and Neighbors:

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