O-RAN Interview Questions

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In this post, we have put most asked interview questions about Open RAN/O-RAN in various Telecom Companies/Service Provider who are developing Open RAN systems.

  1. What is Open RAN, OpenRAN and ORAN?​
  2. What is O-RAN ALLIANCE?
  3. What is Open RAN Policy Coalition?
  4. what C-RAN, Virtual RAN (vRAN) and OpenRAN?
  5. What is Near RT RIC ?
  6. What is Non-Near RT RIC?
  7. Non Real-Time RIC is connected with the Near Real Time RIC on which interface ?
  8. Function of 5G NR F1 Interface.
  9. Explain Reference Architecture for O-RAN.
  10. Explain about O-RAN working Group.
  11. What is an Open DU? Explain its architecture.
  12. What is an Open RU? Explain its architecture.
  13. What is the difference between Category A and Category B Open RU?
  14. What is Open Fronthaul?
  15. Which Workgroup is responsible for CUS plane specifications?
  16. What are the Plane available on Open Fronthaul?
  17. Explain Sync topologies for O-RAN Fronthaul.
  18. What is is PTP, and How it works?
  19. What is PTP IEEE standard and what are available profile for PTP?
  20. What is Xapps?
  21. What do you mean by Open RAN inter-operability?
  22. What are the test tools available for Open RAN interoperability testing

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