QXDM Tool – How to use QXDM ?

Qualcomm QXDM

QXDM full name is Qualcomm eXtensible Diagnostic Monitor, is a powerful tool used by Protocols developers, Test and Optimization Engineers to analyze and debug Over the Air (OTA) messages between a UE (Mobile Device) and the Base Station (eNB, gNB).

QXDM best use is in the telecommunications industry for testing and troubleshooting mobile devices. It is proprietary tool developed by Qualcomm and may require specific permissions and access.

QXDM Key Pointers:

  • QXDM is proprietary tool developed by Qualcomm to analyze and debug OTA messages between UE and Base Station
  • QXDM tool can be used only with Mobiles having Qualcomm Developed Chipset
  • It does support debugging for 3GPP (5G/4G, 3G/2G) Technologies as well as Non-3GPP technologies like WiFi, Bluetooth
  • With QXDM tool engineers can capture and analyse the live logs and can also save for offline debugging
  • QXDM logs can be analysed offline with another Qualcomm Tool QCAT
  • It can be used for Lab Testing as well as Field Testing using the GPS Receiver
  • This tool is not open source, you need to buy license from Qualcomm to use it.
  • All Qualcomm software tool license is management by an Common Software Qualcomm Package Manager (QPM)
  • It is a software Application to be installed on the PC/Desktop, support most of Operating systems like Linux, Windows and MacOS

QXDM Connection with Mobile

Following pictures show the connections with Mobile and QXDM tool. It depicts connections for two possible use cases.

  • QXDM use in Lab Testing
  • QXDM use for Field Drive Testing

QXDM Lab use setup connection

The Mobiles connects to the PC with the USB Cable and can be detected in Device Manager in Windows PC under the COM Ports. If you do not see COM Ports related to Mobile install the necessary USB drivers for the Mobile.  For Field Testing Use case you need a GPS antenna with USB connections and to be detected in QXDM. To Capture the Debug logs make sure your device is in diagnostic mode. You may need to enable USB debugging and diagnostic mode in the device settings.

How to use QXDM Tool

As said earlier QXDM Tool can be used for online and Offline Debugging for Mobile and Network Testing.

  • QXDM tool is managed by QPM tool, the Authorised User (who purchase the license) can download the QPM tool from the Qualcomm createpoint account. And follow the following 5 Steps.

Qualcomm Tool Activation Procedure

  • Download, Install and Activate the QXDM License as shown in following picture. Activating the QXDM Qualcomm Software Licenses
  • Once you launch the QXDM Application you will get following window.

  • Connect the Mobile to USB Port and Check the COM Port in Device Manager of Window PC.

  • From the Top Option Menu go to Communications and select the Mobile from the dialog Box and Connect to the Mobile.

  • After the Connect option you can start see the logs under the Item View if not visible press F11
  • You can clear and start the new logs with Atl+I option and If you want to save use Ctrl+I Option

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