How to build a stable gaming PC for playing session shooters

Many games have too little personal time, so they prefer to play session shooters and projects that have the same system, but each round and match takes place according to a unique scenario, which is determined by the players themselves.

All session projects like CS 2 and Escape from Tarkov have their own requirements for the technical equipment of the PC so that matches can be played effectively without any drops in FPS.

Unlike the newest and most popular single-player games, which rely on the video card and graphics component, and not just performance, session projects follow a different format. To farm EFT roubles in Tarkov, you need other devices and equipment.


Processor and RAM

To get a stable FPS value in games with high dynamics and a large number of players, you need to provide your PC with performance, and the best way to do this is to install a powerful processor and a lot of RAM to be able to speed up all operations in the system and games.

With the processor, everything is extremely simple – you need a device that has the latest, or penultimate generation and the newest series possible.

You shouldn’t even consider Series 3 products, since their power has long been suitable only for office programs and is not enough for gaming sessions.

The 5 series is increasingly considered outdated and not powerful enough, but when choosing new generation processors and the K series, which have special overclocking for games, this can be a good average option with limited finances.

The best option is the 7 series device that replaced the 5 series processors.

You can choose a Ryzen 7000 processor, or an I7 from Intel, at your discretion. It is advisable to choose the latest generation.

It is not necessary to consider I9 and the entire series, since they have more power for computing and programming and such potential is difficult to realize in games, and you will have to overpay for resources.

With RAM, everything is much simpler – you need to look at the number of available slots for inserting sticks and the generation that the motherboard supports.

It is best to choose DDR5 and consider RAM in a total amount of 8 GB or more.

4 GB and less is simply an unacceptable amount in games, because only the system will take half and you will have severe freezes and a drop in FPS.

The minimum format is 8 GB of RAM, a good indicator is 16 GB, the ideal is 32, or 64 GB.

The more slots you have, the more strips you can install, and the ideal performance increase can be achieved through quantity, not just quality.

For example, 4 GB sticks will be more productive than 2 8 GB sticks, although purely in numbers the result will be identical.


Video card

To combine performance with the best graphics settings in session shooters, you need a high-quality video card.

Unlike single-player projects, you don’t have to chase the best solutions, but if your financial capabilities allow, then it’s better to immediately consider the available options.

1000 series video cards will no longer allow you to play at ultra settings and will force you to lower them to medium and sometimes high.

The 3000 series is no longer the best solution, but it is quite affordable and progressive if you do not want a long-term update of components, but for a couple of years.

In this format, the 3070 TI is ideal for you, which at the moment will provide stable FPS and high and ultra graphics settings for the next couple of years.

The most ideal option would be video cards of the new format – 4000 series, which, in addition to the highest performance and graphics, also have new technologies that are unique.

The most important innovation can be called DLSS technology – this is a format for introducing artificial intelligence into the graphics core, which can now independently create an image, rather than loading it relying on the system, which allows you to achieve a significant increase in FPS even in the most demanding games, but this format is only available in the newest video cards.

SSD disk

If you want to achieve faster performance of your system and all games in terms of performance, especially in projects where every second plays a significant role in the battle, then you need to abandon the outdated hard drive system in favor of an SSD.

The technology makes it possible to achieve a significant acceleration in data processing speed, and this is what affects the loading speed of the operating system and the loading speed of locations and characters during teleportations and entering new zones.

For games like CS 2 – SSD will help load game maps faster and give you more time to warm up before a match, which can improve your shooting and reaction, rather than loading you last, not even giving you time to prepare.

In games like World of Warcraft and Lineage 2, where PVP can wait for you anywhere and especially when loading. Not all locations have safe zones and the enemy may start attacking you, but you will not be able to respond, and at the time of loading you may no longer be able to resist and will die, even if you have better equipment and weapons.

An SSD disk will speed up the process of loading locations and other players, and often you will have the opportunity to react in a timely manner and act in PVP, even if it is you who are attacking, not you.

Game Mouse

This is the most modern way to get a new device at an affordable price, which will provide the most noticeable enhancement and simplification of gameplay, especially in MMO RPGs and session shooters.

You will have the opportunity to configure additional buttons on the case and select the assignment of the keyboard keys that they will perform.

This can be one action, for example, quickly switching to a grenade in CS 2, or a full key combination.

You can customize the action – take out a grenade, pull the pin and throw it – to reduce animation time and speed up the process by a few seconds, which will allow you to catch enemies by surprise.

Configure DPI – You can configure the sensitivity system of the cursor and sight, for use in games and during interaction with the operating system.

New devices often have automatic DPI, which is universal for all types of games, including shooters.

This format allows the gaming mouse to adjust the required sensitivity based on the speed of the player’s hand.

If you need accuracy and smoothness, then the DPI will be lowered and, on the contrary, raised if you act sharply and actively, as for example in strategies.

If your device does not support smart DPI technology, then this is not a problem.

You just need to select each of the 5 profiles and set different cursor speeds, adjust it to your needs.

You need to create each profile for 5 speed types.

  • Very slow – for leisurely tasks and scenarios.
  • Slow and smooth – shooters.
  • Medium – universal.
  • Fast – movement in the operating system.
  • Very fast – strategies.

At any time, you can switch the DPI with a button and continue working under the desired scenario, just remember the order of the settings and the color of the indicator that corresponds to it.