Features Comparison: NB-IoT UE Vs LTE UE

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Table here list the features comparison between Narrow Band (NB) – IoT UE and Long Term Evolution (LTE) UE

Features Narrow Band IoT UE LTE UE
Master Information Block (MIB) Yes Yes
System Information Block Type 1 (SIB#1) Yes Yes
No. of additional SIBs 9 >20
Paging Yes Yes
Connection establishment Yes Yes
Security activation Yes Yes
Connection reconfiguration Yes Yes
Counter check Yes Yes
Connection re-establishment Yes Yes
Connection release Yes Yes
Inter-RAT mobility No Yes
Measurement No Yes
DL information transfer Yes Yes
UL information transfer Yes Yes
UE capability transfer Yes Yes
UE positioning Yes Yes
CSFB to 1x parameter transfer No Yes
UE Information No Yes
Logged measurement configuration No Yes
Release of logged measurement configuration No Yes
Measurements logging No Yes
In-device coexistence indication No Yes
UE assistance information No Yes
Mobility history information No Yes
RAN-assisted WLAN inter-working No Yes
SCG failure information No Yes
LTE-WLAN aggregation No Yes
WLAN connection management No Yes
RAN-controlled LTE-WLAN inter-working No Yes
LTE-WLAN aggregation with IPsec tunnel No Yes
Relay node procedures No Yes
Sidelink No Yes
Closed subscriber group No Yes
Carrier aggregation (CA) No Yes
Dual connectivity (DC) No Yes
Guaranteed bit rate (GBR) No Yes
Extended access barring No Yes
Self-configuration and self-optimization No Yes
Measurement logging No Yes
Public warning systems (CMAS and ETWS) No Yes
Real-time services (including emergency call) No Yes
Circuit-switched services and fallback No Yes


  • 3GPP NB-IoT Presentation from Institute for Information Industry