5G FAPI – Femtocell Application Programming Interface

Introduction FAPI is an interface, which originally meant Femtocell Application Programming Interface defines the interface between MAC-Layer#2 and PHY – Layer#1 for small cells. FAPI is specified by the Small […]

Helm – What is it in Telco Cloud ?

In 5G, RAN and Core the whole telecom is moving toward cloudification based on CNFs (Container Network Function) based deployment using Kubernetes (k8s) and MNOs are implemented CI/CD with every […]

Lawful Intercept (LI) in 5G System

For any Service Provider/Wireless Operator Lawful Interception (LI) is one of the must satisfy regulatory requirements and a legal obligation towards the Law Enforcement Agencies and Government Authorities. Lawful Intercept […]

Open Stack Undercloud and Overcloud

In Open Stack, an Undercloud is the deployment cloud that contain the necessary OpenStack components to deploy and manage an Overcloud also called workload cloud or deployed cloud. The overcloud is […]

6G Wireless Access – Use Cases

6G Wireless Access will be emergence and need for the unprecedented performance requirements arising from exciting new applications foreseen in the era of 2030, which current cellular generations will not […]