Top 4 Indie Games You Should Play in 2023

While the year 2022 wasn’t a promising one for gamers, the year 2023 has opened on a high note. This year, many top game developers are coming up with their most anticipated games and sequels that would offer hours and hours of entertainment and fun. However, apart from the big developers, many small independent developers are bringing forward games that are ideal for your personal computers and gaming consoles. While these developers might not promote their games heavily their games are going to keep you on your toes.

Here are 4 top indie games releasing this year that you should play.

Worlds of Aria

Although this looks like a regular role-playing game it certainly allows you to handle multiple characters and provide you with more fun and entertainment. In this multiplayer online game, you need to work hard to accomplish your goal, work for your gains and betray the group. Also, you have to be smart to ensure that you go through all the challenges and options. The game also has multiple outcomes and choices and that depends on the choices you make. With this online game you don’t have to worry much about annoying glitches but instead you can focus on winning.

Sons of the Forest

A sequel to The Forest (2018), Sons of the Forest is an open-world survival game that pitches you against some of the ugliest and scariest monsters. The gameplay involves you going out on a hunt to find a missing billionaire but instead finding yourself trapped in a cannibal-infested place. To win you need to craft, build and survive all the monstrosity that is up against you. Developed by Endnight Games, Sons of the Forest ensures plenty of scares and drama and action that would keep you busy. For now, only the PC version will be released in 2023.

Anton Blast

If you love some kickass action, Anton Blast is certainly going to appeal to you. This action-packed retro platformer offers plenty of action that you can handle inspired by the Game Boy Advance. The gameplay follows Dynamite Anton who is looking to get even with Satan for stealing his prized Spirit collection. With some buttery smooth 60fps action, you can enjoy some old-school action movements that can keep you occupied.

Sea of Stars

If you love some turn-based RPG games based on classics, the Sea of Stars is one of the best titles that you should download and play. Developed by the Sabotage Studios, Sea of Stars is inspired by Chrono Trigger. The plot follows two Children of the Solstice: Valere and Zale who together can perform an Eclipse Magic against the mighty and evil The Fleshmancer. The demo of the game is already available for those who want to try it out. A strong narrative is one of the reasons why many people love RPG games like Sea of Stars. However, if you are looking for some exceptional background score and plenty of exploration and character tricks and performances then you can enjoy Sea of Stars.