Techplayon Talks About Hybrid Cable Solution with Mr Manoj Gurnani

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In our post ,” Hybrid Cable- Removing jumble from Cell Site, Making Faster Installation and Easy Operation & Maintainance ” , we introduced the hybrid cables solution for the innovative and next generation cell site. Our team got a chance to have a short discussion about the solution with Mr. Manoj Gurnani. Do read this interview and share your view thoughts

Q1. Techplayon: Telecom is changing very fast and there are innovative developments in all areas including antennas, but not that much in cables, why so?
A1. Manoj Gurnani: The rate at which active radio technologies are evolving is breathtaking…naturally there is not similar advancements in cables. But, you do observe lot of value-engineering innovation there too. Example, use of alloys keeping the conductivity same to bring down the costs. Hybrid cable is another example, which will hopefully change the site aesthetics of telecom towers & even smart city pole installations

Q2. Techplayon: What is a Hybrid cable and why they are important? How is the feedback from deployments?
A2. Manoj Gurnani: Hybrid cable is a smart innovation in site engineering of telecom sites. It is easy to see the cabling mess in a telecom site. As an illustration, if you have a site, owned by a tower company, with 3 Operators, each running 2G, 3G and 4G, you would have 54 cable runs in a traditional BTS technology. Even if you have contemporary Split BTS, the situation doesn’t improve. You have armored fiber cables and DC cables running from the base of the tower to tower top.

Hybrid cable replaces all this with ONE SINGLE integrated cable, which replaces all power cables and fibers.
Two successful pilots have already been done in India with a leading tower companies.

The technology is provided by a Finnish MNC called Helkama, a company with 50 years of cable know-how.

Q3. Techplayon: What is  the future of Hybrid cables ? What are the possibilities with these cables?
A3.  Manoj Gurnani:: Hybrid cables are future proof. If you have a technology upgrade (say from 3G to 4G), all you need to do is fix a jumper from top of the hybrid cable (from a device called DIVIDER) to RRU (Remote Radio Unit). Helkama is cable technology leader and any advancement happening in OFC and power conductors will also be incorporated in Hybrid cable. In addition, the customization is absolutely possible for a particular use case. Example, if you need a smaller cable for smart pole to be used in smart city installations, we can do so.

Q4. Techplayon: How can smart city benefited by Hybrid cables?
A4. Manoj Gurnani: The application of hybrid cable in smart city is just appropriate. A key requirement of smart city installations is site aesthetics, outdoor protection and zero maintenance solutions. Hybrid cable meets all these requirements

Q5. Techplayon: What are the  Cost dynamics?
A5. Manoj Gurnani: On an overall solution and TCO (Total cost of ownership) basis, Hybrid cables are very cost effective. Besides, the use of hybrid cable frees up tower space and space inside the monopoles. They are much lighter and sleeker (less wind load)…thus one can have benefits in tower design too

Q6. Techplayon: How can people reach out to you?
A6. Manoj Gurnani: They can contact me at +91-9871495965 and

About Helkama

Helkama is a finnish company with about 50 years of cables’ knowhow. Helkama stands for quality, flexibility and outstanding personal service. Helkama is a reliable OEM partner: It manufacture cables in accordance with customer’s requirements and specifications. In addition to Marine Cables, Helkama manufactures Offshore, Optical fiber, Instrumentation and Fire resistant cables.