Smart City Virtual Expo : Tech Talks with Thibault Van der Auwermeulen


Generally, solutions are associated with either of the two terms “Invention “or “Discovery”. But recently during our research, we came across a solution which we are finding hard to fit into either of two. Hence we are happy to associate the solution with both these terms.

Imagine a very big event such as MWC where people travel from all over the world to get connected and get insight of what’s new in technology and how it will be in next few years, very few people get a chance to travel and be part of it and there are many who don’t have leverage of time to travel for couple of days and be there. The solution is to have virtual events.

With Globalization and huge market potential in developing nations such as India:

  • There are companies willing to invest and work here similarly other parts of the world
  • There is a pool of vendor community willing to expand their market.

But the issue is how they connect, showcase the products and find leads? The answer is by Virtual EXPOs? 


Virtual Expo vs. Physical Expo:

Just compare Virtual Expo with a normal physical event, people go and visit booths, share contacts and see what product aligns with their future needs. Similarly here, if you are a vendor you will have to shed much less, you wouldn’t have to deploy resources physically because all is done virtually.

Each participant (vendor) gets a virtual booth, a unique URL which can be accessed during the expo days anywhere from the world. The vendor can host a variety of things, introduction video, product catalog, product roadmaps and even have live video conferencing and attend customers from their office anywhere in the world.

For visitors it becomes much more convenient both in terms of travel and time, they scroll over each booth from the screen of their laptop, personal devices, like any physical event they can access all information via virtual booth and if willingly can share their contact details.

Both vendors and visitors can see people visiting the Expo, with role and designation, but personal information such as contact need to be asked and if the second person wishes to connect they get connected instantly.

The Smart City Virtual Expo:

A soft launch of the Beta version was done last month and recently we got to speak with Founder of ExpoPolis, Thibault Van der Auwermeulen.

According to Thibault:

  • It’s not feasible for smart city government officials to attend every smart city tech conference
  • The idea for the expo came from the explosive growth of the smart city community. As more cities around the globe introduce smart city tech, and more conferences are developed to connect the individuals involved in this movement, it becomes cost prohibitive and too time-consuming for city officials to attend every event.

More details/sneak peaks of virtual Expo below in Slide-share deck.


Q 1. Techplayon: India has announced a plan for 100 Smart Cities, are they in your plan?

A 1. ThibaultIndia and Startups are the big focus area for him. The portal is for international communication and for people working in smart cities all over the world, that will include public servants, companies, and startups working on solutions for smart cities. We would be really happy to connect with Indian Startups and Government bodies to connect them with the global community.

Q 2. Techplayon: How did you come up with Smart City Expo Idea?

A 1. Thibault:  We developed the idea for the site after I attended a smart city expo in Barcelona, and it was difficult for me to contact the city officials at the event. We wanted to make it easier for vendors with smart city solutions to communicate with municipalities”. We have been doing virtual events/Expo since 7 years, few of them are active 365 days, 24×7.

Our Take:

Techplayon really believes the team has come up with an excellent product where in the cost of hosting a booth for vendor’s decreases, they can attend more customers 24X7 and save a lot of manpower. Visitors will have convenience and can access information remotely anytime. This will also be the more focused event.

Hurry The Smart City virtual Expo is on 20th September 2017. Book your slots.

  • For reservation of Booth (early bird discounts) or any other information please feel free to contact us we would be happy to connect you with the Team.
  • Registration for Visitors is open now.