How to Speed Up Your Slow Android Phone


A phone that fails to respond as fast as a flash of light is something most of us hate! However, getting to the root of the problem, in this case, is often difficult. I used to blame my internet or restart my phone every time it got slow. Only to realize later that there can be several other problems apart from these two. 

If you are an Android phone owner and have to deal with your mobile’s slow speed often, here is what you can do:

Uninstall Unused Apps

If any unused apps are resting on your mobile, uninstall them asap. They are the main cause of your mobile’s slow performance. Android phones (some of them) also come with bloatware in them. You should uninstall that as well. The disabling or uninstalling part also implies to the apps that come pre-installed at the time you purchase the mobile.

It is very simple to uninstall apps on your phone. Simply go to ‘Settings’. Chose ‘Apps’ and uninstall all that you want to. Another way is to use Files by Google feature to identify all the unused apps on your mobile and uninstall them.

Update Your Mobile

Make sure that whenever you receive a notification telling you that it is time for you to upgrade to the latest updates you do not ignore them. Because many times it so happens that your mobile gets slow because of not upgrading. There is a reason companies introduce them.  The recent versions contain stability improvements apart from bug fixes. 

Google also issues these monthly updates. You must keep the attack of these and keep updating your mobile accordingly. These upgrades protect you against security vulnerabilities. You may not see a prominent change in your device’s performance. However, installing a tiny security patch maintenance releases and major platform updates improve the performance of your phone to some extent. 

Install Lightweight Versions of Apps

If your device has limited storage, then you should opt for lightweight versions of apps. Some apps give users a very frustrating experience even if you install them on brand new phones. 

An example of an app that tends to display a sluggish behavior is Facebook. Many of you might not be aware but Facebook has a lightweight version as well. It offers the same experience as its other version while using less of your mobile’s space. Search for Facebook Lite and you will find it.

This particular app is optimized to work on 2G connections and also on devices with 1 GB RAM available. So, if the regular Facebook app is bothering you, you should switch to Facebook Lite for a less frustrating experience. You can also find the ‘Lite’ versions for other apps including Messenger, Twitter, Skype, and YouTube.

Clean Up the Home Screen

Certain elements on the home screen can affect the performance of your mobile. Eventually causing it to become slow. One such element is the live wallpaper. You are more likely to face this issue if you are using a budget phone. In case you feel a lag when switching between apps or when exiting an app, you should consider a static wallpaper. 

Optimize Phone Battery

You might notice that your phone’s battery is draining faster than it usually does. Many times it is an errant app that is responsible for hogging your mobile. Also, keep a check on any apps running in the background. As they tend to drain the battery as well. A good practice would be to monitor your phone’s battery usage from your settings daily.

Head to ‘settings’ and look for the ‘battery’ option. You will soon know about the misbehaving app. Stop it from running in the background by hitting ‘Force stop’. Individuals who own devices that are running pie and above need not worry. As your device performs this function automatically. However, people who own the older versions will have to do so manually. 

In case, the problem continues to prevail, you should keep a power bank with yourself at all times. This will resolve the issue of your constantly draining battery. 

As far as your mobile plans are concerned, trust me when I say that your phone’s speed has nothing to do with what plan you opt for. It is a common misconception. Whether you subscribe to Spectrum mobile plans or any other provider, the only issue that you can face from their side is dropped calls or unavailability of the internet. Nothing else. 


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