eLoc! “Your Digital Address” Made In and For Digital India

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One of the most common questions we might ask each other in day to day life is “Where are you”? Don’t believe us? Think again:

  • Still, not home, where are you?
  • Your voice is not clear, where are you?
  • I need help, can you come to my place, where are you?

The list goes on and on. In-fact now from “where are you”, we are now moving to “Where EXACTLY are you? Geo-location is one of the most important parameters for any industry these days. Knowing where customers are gives you more insight than any other parameter. Example, for telecom operator, it is very important to know which are the best or the worse coverage areas and how the same is affecting the users. For Delivery Company, they need to know where exactly their customers are located. Even for smart cities, it is very important to know where particular sensor such as solid waste management system or environmental sensors are deployed.

Two important attributes of the Geo-location or address are Accuracy and length of address

The accuracy of the Geo-location has always been dependent on the GPS and Map APIs. For developing and geographical diverse countries such as India, unlike cities, rural areas are still identified by Pin Codes and Village Post office. The postman has the most accurate Geo-location of people and houses. But going forward with more sensors and more connected devices we would need a more accurate addressing system.

The second important issue with the current addressing scheme is long, complex addresses. Single digit or wrong spelling can deliver your most important consignment to some other locations.

During our research, we came across MapmyIndia (www.mapmyindia.com), which is made in and for India. They have a unique way of addressing/tagging the locations with Unique Six digit alpha-numeric number. 

eLoc !, Your Digital Address from MapmyIndia

Imagine eLoc as the unique code of your doorstep or your precise address of any place, building, business, apartment, government office, road, administrative area and so on. This 6 characters digital address uniquely identifies any place and is linked to various attributes like floor number, door number, etc.

eLoc,What It Does ?

It reaches each and every house, building or office covering even the last mile. With the unique code, each structure can be identified and tagged with exact co-ordinates. The code is easy to remember or store and hence is much easier to share.

Re-considering the above example again, now when you complain about slow internet speed or drop calls, the customer care executive will know “where exactly you are calling from”, Online delivery guy would know “Where exactly he has to go” and in-fact garbage van will know “where exactly they have their bins”. There are endless possibilities with e-Loc, such as emergency, disaster management, fleet management, Cab services etc.



Know more about eLoc :http://www.mapmyindia.com/eloc/ 

More on eLoc solution in video below by Mr. Rohan Verma ( Executive Director and CTO, MapmyIndia)

Video Source : Geospatial Media and Communications.

Please reach to  MapmyIndia at contact@mapmyindia.com incase you want to know more about solution/s from MapmyIndia. We will be covering detailed case studies of the solutions in coming weeks.