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IOT (Internet of things) or connected world is not a new concept but it is being talked and deployed much more than ever. We have been asked many times by critics about the real life and beneficiary use cases of IOT. Talking with a friend working in MapmyIndia the other day, we found a perfect example and use case of connected world/IOT. School Bus Monitoring (Connected Busses) platform from MapmyIndia is a perfect example of Internet of things being used efficiently and positively in our life.

The solution provides:

  • Real time tracking of school busses
  • Real time attendance of students
  • Real time break down, Emergency or SOS situation
  • Real time notifications (SMS, Emails, App Notifications etc.)
  • Real time data analytics to plan, monitor, optimize and organize bus routes, bus numbers, fuel maintenance, benchmarking drivers etc. from admin perspective.

The solution is combination of connected world use case and data analytics hence there are two key perspective and advantages which comes built in with the solution.

Importance for Students/ Parents/Guardians and School authorities:

Unlike waiting for bus to arrive at bus stop, students/parents can better plan according to the real time bus tracking application. Parents would exactly know where the bus is with MapmyIndia mobile app.

As shown in example below parents can track when the bus has left from school, which stop the bus currently at, how far the bus is from their stop with estimate time of arrival, when the bus has reached school and similarly while returning back from school.

A very important and key point to note, MapmyIndia has come up with RFID built in Identity cards or bus passes to even mark attendance on the bus itself. Real time notification would be sent to parents about boarding and de-boarding of the student/ child along with the location and time.

This application would for sure provide peace of mind to parents. By showing them exact location of their children.

On the other hand, the solution is even more important for schools.

Along with providing security to students, real time tracking of busses and students, this platform gathers, process and provides analytics for number of key decisions for school admin/transport/financial departments.

With a robust report generation capability, MapmyIndia provides robust report real-time report for admin/transportation teams.

  • Dashboard for all buses, trips, students, assets, fuel etc.
  • Fleet Management: Busses per route planning, Emergency break down planning, speed limit violation etc.
  • Attendance reports for students and staff.
  • Live Vehicle location.
  • Notification manager: Sending required notification to parents, staff etc. For example if the bus is delayed on one route, admin can send bulk SMSs to the affected stops on that route.

In short, this is one stop automation solution for Administrative teams. Generally schools and educational institutes have small teams to manage admin and transport departments but with this solution even a single person can manage everything.

Consider a case of route re definition. : Consider the bus on route X couldn’t start because of xyz issue. Admin sends notification to all parents about non availability of regular bus number and delay if any. The admin can check the nearest bus/s nearby route X and assign the route X to the bus or he can check the bus which has already completed the trip to hand him route X for the day. The new bus number, ETA etc. are sent to all parents.

Otherwise just imagine the manual effort and chaos condition where the admin has to manage everything manually

Another financial example where admin has to create report of salary of each bus staff based on number of trips, fuel consumed per bus etc. Manually making and maintaining entries is both cumbersome and error prone but with this platform it is a click away.

We suggest this solution for every school and would love to know about your opinion. Reach out the MapmyIndia team at below:


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