5 Ways to Find What Book Genre is Right for You

When you are not an avid reader you might find yourself in a situation where you are standing in a bookstore looking for that perfect book that you should pick up. With plenty of genres and categories to choose from, new readers often find themselves overwhelmed with the choices they have. Picking the wrong book can be discouraging because you will feel bored and would want to look for other ways to keep yourself entertained. On the other hand, with the right book you can immerse yourself in the plot that you like and make the most of your reading experience.

However, the challenge is that you must know what book genre is right for you. Here are 5 ways to help you know what’s best for you.

Discuss It on Social Media

A lot of conversations today happen on social media. Hence, you can interact with your friends and colleagues and acquaintances and get their recommendations especially if they know you better. Books are making a strong comeback thanks to social media. Many readers today post information and images about the books they read and you can ask them to give you an outline of the plot. This would be a good way to know if you would want to read the book or not.

Know Your Favorite Movies

Books, in some ways, are entertainment. Hence, you need to look out for the type of movies you like. If you prefer plenty of action and a fast-paced plot you would want to look for thrillers which would provide you with an edge-of-the-seat storyline. On the other hand, if you are more into magic and kingdom and futuristic timeline you can opt for fantasy and adventure books that provide you with similar experiences.

Understand Your Personality

The books we read reflect our personalities. Hence, you must know a little bit about your personality. Not all of us prefer the same book genres because deep down we are all different. Impatient people would find it hard to read a slow-burn drama, while those who are very detail-oriented might not prefer a fast-paced plot because they are inherently looking for those tiny clues and details that are not there. If you see the world through a rosy lens you should pick up a romance novel.

Skim A Few Pages

One practical way to ensure that you know what book genre is good for you is to skim a few pages of the books you think you will like. You can read through the first few chapters or probably around 50 pages and that should be enough to know if that book genre is the right one for you.

Listen to Audio Books

If you don’t want to dive into reading you can start with some audio books and listen to them on your way home or when you are traveling or doing household chores. This should help you have some idea of what genres you prefer and then choose a book in that genre.