Wi-Fi Design Engineer/Solution Architect

Tech Fundas

Solution architect for Wi-Fi

Delhi based big telco organisation is seeking a dedicated, analytical, proactive Systems Engineer/Solution Architect with strong Techno-commercial, interpersonal and project management skills for Designing, optimizing Carrier Grade Wi-Fi solution

Key Tasks

The Solution Architect would be responsible for the WiFi Projects in terms of following aspects:
·        Solution design
·        Planning and BOQ formulation
·        Business Development and revenue generation
·        Risk assessment and mitigation
·        Optimization
·        Cost management
·        Understanding  of technology evolution.
·        Dimensioning
·        Quality Control
·        Design validation
·        Vendor management
·        Performance management
·        Network Integration
·        Ensuring Security and Reliability
·        Trouble-shooting network issues

Additionally, Remain current on emerging technologies via professional groups, trade magazines, internal and external training, independent research and study, and other avenues available.

Work experience

6-10 years experience in planning and optimization projects with operators or vendors in RF Planning with at least 2 years of WiFi planning experience.

Please reach out or forward your CVs to swati@grassik.com