The Technology Powering the Best Internet Gaming experiences of today

Tech Fundas

More and more casino platforms can be seen adopting the live dealer technology nowadays. It makes perfect sense too as this tech offers a highly immersive experience to the players, bringing the casino environment right into their living rooms.

It is the technology used by these gambling platforms which plays a key role in making these live dealer games possible. To give you an idea, please check out the live dealer casino games offered at a reputed platform like JackpotCity online casino. It will give you a fair idea about what we’re referring to here. This casino streams games like baccarat, roulette and blackjack, wherein players get to engage in live casino action with real dealers.

The technology behind it all

As mentioned above, technology constitutes an integral part of live gaming experience. We are aware that whenever technology is brought up, there is a tendency amongst people to feel slightly uneasy. However, there is no need to worry. In this short piece, we’ll break all important tech information into small-sized easy-to-understand chunks for all levels of readers.

It is these technologies which enable efficient transformation of players’ living rooms into glamorous live casino environments, just by a single click on the laptop screen or a tap on their mobile phones. Even players from countries where gambling may be prohibited, can use tools like Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to experience such top-notch entertainment. Now let’s understand the different tech components that make live casino gaming possible.

The cameras

Each and every gambling table regardless of the game under consideration, has minimum three cameras dedicated to it. These cameras broadcast the gaming action in high definition, ensuring optimum player experience. In fact, live casino gaming is impossible without this tech. The direct feed from these cameras is streamed live to the players who tune in from different parts of the country or the world.

Game Control Unit

There will be no point sending feed from the cameras if there is no Game Control Unit (GCU) in play. This device encodes every game-related data and ensures that everything progresses smoothly. The data is picked up from magnetic strips attached to playing cards and the sensors fitted on the gaming tables. If you closely observe the dealer’s action in a live casino card game, you’d see how s/he pauses momentarily after drawing a card from the shoe. During this time, the dealer waits for the GCU to scan the playing cards, so as to keep a track of the cards handed to different players.

Dealer’s Monitor

Every dealer involved in a live casino game has a monitor present in front of him/her. This monitor serves as an information centre which makes it possible for them to run the respective game in a friendly and smooth fashion. The dealer gets to know the number of players currently seated at the virtual table and also their corresponding nicknames. The monitor also constantly displays comments typed in by the players as well as the information about placed wagers.