How are the RF signals transmitted and received ?

There are three basic requirement for communication (through RF Signals) to happen between two devices: Two or more devices that want to communicate Communication medium Few set of rules Many […]

What is SAW Filter ?

A Surface Acoustic Wave filter, or SAW filter is a filter whereby the electrical input signal is converted to a acoustic wave by so-called interdigital transducers (IDTs) on a piezoelectric […]

What is RF Isolator, How to choose it ?

An RF Isolator is a two port device that is unidirectional, means it passes the RF signal in one direction only. It is used protects RF components in a system […]

dB , dBm Terminology

I keep seeing people using the terms “dB” and “dBm”, interchangeably, when they actually mean very different things. So, here’s a little background on the correct usage of the terms. […]

Passive Inter-modulation (PIM)

Passive Inter-modulation (PIM) is the generation of interfering signals caused by non-linearities that occurs in passive components such as antennas, cables, connectors, or duplexers with two or more high-power input signals. […]