LTE Base Station Classifications

As per 3GPP reference 36.104 release 12, there are four classes for the base stations based on the rated power is listed below S.No. 3GPP Base station Class Rated O/p […]

IoT Access Technologies

IoT Access Technology is spread across licensed and unlicensed spectrum and there are several number of Radio technologies.At high these access can be classified in two categories: Non –Cellular Technologies […]

3GPP Release 11

3GPP standards development falls into three principal areas: radio interfaces, core networks and services. 3GPP Release 11 standards were frozen in December 2012 with the core network, protocols in December […]

Structure of the 3GPP NR (5G) Specification

3GPP starts its  work on 5G with its first meetings  in the US next month. The work item approved by RAN plenary (RP-170847) primarily targets eMBB and URLLC scenario and […]