More on Facebook Workplace with Vinamra Kumar


Recently,there was an event in Mumbai on Facebook’s new platform “Workplace” , we couldn’t personally be present but we managed to catch hold of  Vinamra Kumar, working with Searce, the premium partners of Facebook in India. We had very interesting and detailed conversation on possibilities, features and success stories of the Platform.

TPO: Please tell us and our reader brief about your experience on the platform?

Vinamra: I have been working on this amazing platform developed by Facebook- Workplace (Facebook for Work). It has been developed with the objective to connect the whole organization with familiar tools, helping everyone in the business, turn ideas into action. We are entering exciting times as a lot of organisations are focusing on creating an atmosphere for their employees where frequent and informal communication with top management is encouraged.

 TPO: Vinamra, last time we got in touch we discussed about the event which you and team hosted for Facebook Workplace. Congratulations for successful event, can you share bit about it how it was?

Vinamra: The event conducted was a huge success as it met its objective of spreading awareness about Workplace among corporates. While many of the delegates joined, we discussed:

  • Top technology trends in collaboration and its impact on different industries
  • How Workplace by Facebook is leading the transformational change in organizations and making business more agile, productive and collaborative?
  • How can organizations work with their Max Velocity & A Step-by-Step approach towards Business Transformation.

 TPO: Please tell us and readers more about Facebook Workplace? I have been following the product personally myself and I feel it has some very interesting features?

Vinamra: Workplace is a collaborative platform run by Facebook, Inc. and was started on October 10, 2016. It may be used to communicate via groups, to chat with colleagues and offers the social networks features in a corporate environment. It has been developed for companies which are ready to change. It aims to engage people, allowing them to have a voice, involving them in decision making. It not just provides one solution which can save a lot of money and reduce support costs, but it acts as intranet portal with its attractive dashboard, communication medium within organisations and also as a collaboration portal while working together in teams and projects.

TPO: Facebook and social media has become an integral part of our personal life, Would it be right to say FB workplace can replicate the same with our professional life and circle?

Vinamra: No one knows how to connect better than Facebook. Billions of people use Facebook applications such as Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp daily but there was hardly any tool for easy communication within organisation premises. But Workplace provides that platform with its attractive interface and use cases with which the young generation is already familiar. And with most of our customers claiming close to 100% adoption rate, Workplace has already filled that gap.

TPO: Can you share any deployment story where you have god feedback how the organization and people are feeling with Facebook workplace?

Vinamra: One of our recent clients, Tata Trust whose COO, Mr. Harish Krishnaswamy took out time and spoke at the event and shared the story of how their team could quickly respond to the Rajasthan floods and mobilize 1500 people to support in 18 hours using Workplace. He was so appreciative of the change which has been brought up in organisation due to the support of Workplace.

TPO: My favorite part is the flexibility it provides, rather than going to IT help desks for even an email ID, you can create groups, share files, chat and collaborate. Another great advantage is the familiarity with FB, What is your personal favorite feature of the platform?

Vinamra: As you rightly mentioned, companies find that they can eliminate or drastically reduce their need for internal collaboration tools such as their intranet, telephony systems, video conferencing and distribution lists using Workplace. But my personal favorite feature which differentiates Workplace is its unique Multi- Company Group (MCG) feature which encourages inter-companies communication, wherein one can interact with various different organisations using just one simple platform. This reduces dependency on emails and increases the visibility and ultimately the reach of any feed.

TPO: Even this an mobile APP too, the app has all functionalities of the Desktop version?

Vinamra: Yes Workplace has a designated mobile app as well. Also it has an exclusive Workchat app for better ease in communicating with all its features which are available on desktop version such as designating work to each other using @ or trending a particular topic using # or using GIFs when words are not good enough.

TPO: Great ! So what according to you would be opting for this product, Startups, small firms, big enterprise or this one app which is meant for every business?

 Vinamra: Workplace can be used by anyone who wants to inculcate an open culture in their organisation. It is for all the companies that are ready to change, Workplace can enable the power of a connected workplace.
Whether the industry is reinventing itself and it wants to change quickly to the new norms, or whether they are in an industry that is setting the pace of the digital revolution, we believe that Workplace is a powerful tool for them to realize their ambitions.

TPO: Are we doing some smart analytics over the data, usage pattern of the platform such as hours of logged in etc. ?

Vinamra: Yes we have a very strong analytics tools using which one can analyse all important details such as number of claimed accounts, active users and groups, number of posts made everyday, amount of time used on the mobile app, and even the messages shared and a lot more.

TPO: Please let us know more about you and if readers have queries , how they can reach out to you.?

Vinamra: I am working with Searce, the premium partners of Facebook in India and I can be reached out at

About Vinamra 
Working as Cloud Consulting Analyst at Searce. I have done MBA in Marketing from Institute of Management Nirma University. Searce is one of the first official Workplace APAC Service Delivery Partner and helps the organisation in implementing Workplace through deployment, change management, and after-sales services.
you may reach him at LinkedIn: