5G NR Transport Block Size (TBS) Calculation

Transport Block  in 5G NR, is nothing but the payload which is passed between the MAC and Phy Layers, specifically for the shared data channel such as PDSCH and PUSCH. […]

3GPP Release 12

3 GPP Release 12 was largely completed on-time in March 2015, with a few exceptional features allowed an extension to later in the year. Release 12 builds on the innovations in […]

3GPP Release 14

The 3GPP RAN group has started working on the evolution of LTE  in  3GPP Release 14, targeting completion by June 2017. This release targeting improvements and new features for LTE-Advanced Pro. […]

3GPP Release 13

3GPP Release 13 first release was frozen in March 2016. It was brought to reality with quite extensive set of new functionalities as compared to LTE-Advanced. They are summarized below. LTE […]

3GPP Standards Releases

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is a collaboration between groups of telecommunications associations, known as the Organizational Partners. These Organizational Partners  are Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) […]

3GPP Release 10

3GPP release 10 driving force to further develop LTE technology towards LTE–Advanced. LTE Release 10 was to provide higher bit rates in a cost efficient way and, at the same time, […]

3GPP Release 11

3GPP standards development falls into three principal areas: radio interfaces, core networks and services. 3GPP Release 11 standards were frozen in December 2012 with the core network, protocols in December […]

3GPP Release 8

3GPP release 8 first time introduce  LTE  Technology.  All following releases  enhanced the technology to next level. 3GPP release 8 provides following feature set for LTE and specifications for this […]

3GPP Release 9

The initial enhancements were included to LTE in 3GPP release 9 as frozen in Dec 2009. These enhancements were the improvements which were left behind from release 8 or perhaps […]